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Our core competences

Our machine pool


Shaped tubes: Saw (D = 300mm)
Steel plates: CNC flame cutting machine (150 mm)
Scissors (5 mm)
Laser cutting machine (subcontractors -16 mm)

Bending machines (3m)

Milling machine (400mmx500mmx750mm)
Turning centers (D450mm)
CNC milling machine (subcontractors -1000mmx1500mmx2500mm)
CNC turning centers (subcontractors - D250mm)

RV Metal Kft.

H-9027 GYŐR, Csörgőfa sor 6.


Tel.: + 36 96 999 271

Fax: + 36 96 999 272

CO welding machines (EN 1090-2, 3834-2)

Surface treatment
Sandblasting equipment
Wet coating (3mx4mx8m)
Powder coating (subcontractors - 1,5mx1mx2m)
Burnishing, hot dip galvanizing, electro galvanizing (subcontractors)

The cutting of round steel, steel pipes, hollow profiles, I-, U- shaped tubes and angle profiles with the band saw. Our CNC-controlled flame cutting machine with coordinate table guarantees a first-class cutting quality, which corresponds to the standard 2310.3 (EN ISO 9013).

The production of small and medium-sized welded structures with arc welding with electrodes and - if necessary - with surface treatment.

The production of different parts and components, manufactured with different technologies.